New Tech

We at M&M contracts believe in using the tools of tomorrow to make jobs more efficient, cost effective and synergistic today.

One of our primary tools is using the Matterport Pro2 and digital cloning. By capturing the structure before, during and after we can monitor the construction process and get our teams to collaborate prior to showing up to complete their part of the job.

The Matterport Pro 2 camera system is well-suited for the AEC industry. It enables architects, engineers, and construction professionals to create highly accurate and detailed 3D models of buildings, construction sites, and other infrastructure projects. This can help to improve communication and collaboration between team members, reduce errors and delays, and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Remote Property Inspection: Property managers can use Matterport virtual tours for remote property inspections. This can be especially useful for international or remote property owners who want to assess the condition of their properties without being physically present.

Collaboration with Stakeholders: Share access to the Matterport virtual tours with various stakeholders such as property owners, maintenance personnel, and potential tenants. This can streamline communication and collaboration, as everyone involved can have a realistic sense of the property's layout and condition.

Learn about the Matterport Pro2

One of the many pieces of high-end tech and equipment we use is the Matterport Pro2. This 3D camera can scan and model a space, making it easy to create accurate 3D renderings of spaces before remodeling or improvement projects. With a precise rendering of your home, we can model the changes for your space and show them to you to help you make design decisions. This is royalty-free equipment, meaning you won't have to pay for every use of the device.

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